Russian Admissions

In Russia, admission intakes are as follows:

Prospective applicants are encouraged to start their enrollment procedures 3-6 months prior their intending intakes.

It is important you start your application process earlier to avoid unnecessary delay in relation to your admission process.


Tuition fees are subject to change without prior notice. As a result, we are not able to provide accurate estimate over cost of tuition; but on average, the range is usually from $1400- $2,000 depending on your proposed course of study and oblast or city in which you wish to study. In many cases payment of tuition are payable upon arrival in about 2 installments.

Foreign students can choose to pay before departure or upon arrival in Russia.


In order to completely benefit the university experience, hostel or campus accommodation is highly recommended. Students enjoy powerful structured university hostel situated in a highly conducive environment.
Rooms are accompanied with toilet, bathroom, kitchen, gym and sport facilities, internet access and other infrastructures.
Estimated cost of accommodation ranges from $17-$30 per month depending on students’ preferences.

If you are planning accommodation within the university campus, it becomes essential you notify us well in advance, allowing us to make perfect arrangement with the school for a better place.


Before applying to Russian Federation Consulate  for student visa, applicant must have been officially granted an admission with a letter certifying that he is being admitted to run a full-time degree course of study by a university recognized by Federal Service for Supervision in Science and education of Russia.
An official admission and invitation letters combined  with educational credentials (legalized) and other supporting documentations such as bank statements and medical certificate have to be provided before Russian Federation Consulate in order to be considered for visa.

Applicant must demonstrate sufficient means of subsistence denoting his ability to foot every cost associated with his studies during his entire period of stay in Russia.

Visa  and admission processes take some weeks . The embassy will initially issue three months visa. Visa will thereafter be  renewed  with the help of the hosted university at Federal Migration Service in Russia.  This will be done only when student must have reported for registration of courses and must have attended  classes for several weeks.


International students are expected to undertake preparatory courses in their first year in  the university. Russian language  is the core foundation of the preparatory course. The course covers Russian language lesson, culture, history and society. It enables you to adapt swiftly to new cultural and social environments.

The preparatory course lasts between  months- 1 year, depending on how rapidly student can learn. Upon completion, students are awarded the certificate of proficiency in Russian language.

This certificate is consequently essential for admission into a full degree program- Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.


Russia offers almost the cheapest tuition in the entire Europe. University education is relatively cheap and quality compared to institution of higher learning in the U.S Canada, UK and many other European nations. Programs are available in variety of contexts ranging from Diploma, Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree, Specialist,  Master’s Degree and  PHD etc.

Admission Requirements

Admissions are open to students from any part of the world regardless of race, religion, background, language and cultural  differences.
Admission is officially granted to an international applicant s without undertaking any entrance examination.
Besides, students are admitted on the basis of their course of intent. For instance, a student that applies for Medicine is admitted to study Medicine, Law student is admitted to study Law, Engineering student is admitted to study Engineering e.t.c.
In summary, to be considered for admission, only the following are required:


Waec /Neco result consisting  five credits including Mathematics and English

Data page of international passport. Passport must be valid for 18months from the day of entrance to Russia

Application fee.



Waec/Neco result consisting at least five credits including Mathematics and English

Copy of degree certificate

Academic transcripts – optional

Data page of international passport. Passport must be valid for 18months from the day of entrance to Russia

Application fee


Applicants who are aiming to study courses such as Medicine, Pharmacy, and Nursing must have minimum of C4 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Applicant with grades below C4 in core subjects specified above will not be considered.
Medical programs are divided into two categories, they include:

-English Medium

Russia Medium

If you plan to attend medical courses delivered in English, you will need to possess minimum of C4 in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The cost of tuition yearly ranges from $3500-$4000.   Admission is once in a year.  Classes begin in September of every year.

Russia Medium:

Applicant must possess minimum of C4 in core subjects including Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Cost of tuition ranges from $1200-1500 yearly.  Admission is once in a year. Classes begin December 1st of every year.

Below are courses available in English:
Information Technology
International Relations.


To gain entry to any of the courses mentioned above, applicant must possess minimum of C4 in five Subjects relevant to your intending course. English taught programs cost between $3000- $4000 yearly.

In similar vein, most institutions in Russia conducting training in English demand legalization, translation and authentication of passport and school leaving certificate as part of entry requirements. Cost of tuition for English taught programs range from $3000- $4000.   Please note that you may need to pay 50% of tuition fee before you can be accepted into any of our English taught degree programs.


Most courses are available in Russian medium. Copies of your Waec, Neco or G.C.E result with copy of your international passport are all you have to provide to qualify for entry to any of our programs. You will need to possess minimum of D7 in five subject s relevant to your intending courses. Tuition ranges between $14000- $2000 yearly.
Most of the Russian taught Institutions accept payment of tuition fee upon arrival.


Below courses are available at both bachelor and masters levels

Economics                                                 History                                Political Science

Business Administration                        Accounting                         Psychology

Computer Engineering                           Biology                                Philosophy

Civil Engineering                                    Chemistry                             Aeronautical Engineering

Information Technology                       Physics                                  History

Law                                                            Sociology                               Mining

Mass Communication                           Social work                            Electrical Engineering

Biotechnology                                     Oil and Gas Engineering         Advertisement &Public Relations

Microbiology                                      Mechanical Engineering        Computer Science and many more………

When you are prepared to start your application  process, bring those items outlined above, upon receipt, you enrollment process will take precedence.  We look forward to seeing you soon!