About Flyborder Education

Flyborder as the name suggests is a top-notch overseas educational agency. Flyborder has accummulated immense experience specifically in the realm of admission placement into institutions of higher learning outside the shores of Nigeria.

Flyborder is surrounded by real- time professionals poised to provide comprehensive fact -sheets regarding foreign universities application procedures, admission information, tuition fees, accommodation costs and other information that pose relevance.

Education is a path to illumination, Education is an endless legacy, education is a moulder of lives; Education is an essential recipe necessary for the development of every nation.

We at Flyborder understand the powerful value of education, following this awareness, we are unequivocally determined to impact the society of Nigeria and other West African countries through the mechanism of quality higher education overseas; hoping that students after their return to Nigeria or home country upon the completion of their studies, will efficiently utilize skills, knowledge , exposure, training, research, and technology they have acquired over years to contribute immensely to national revival and prosperity.


Our Vision
Flyborder is inspired to become one of the world’s renowned and respected agency in the area of overseas education placement; a top-notch foreign education agency.

Our Mission
Using Nigeria as a point of contact, Flyborder is set to effectively introduce prospective Nigerian students to the benefits of studying abroad and pursuing higher education overseas.

Our Core Values

  1. INTEGRITY: integrity is the bed rock of all successful business operations. We recognise the more dishonest we are the more we suffer expansion.  For this reason, we do not compromise integrity in dealings with our clients.
  2. RESULT: Result is a reward for outstanding preparation. Result drives our motivation, thus reflects our strong commitment to consistently producing result in all our under takings.
  3. SPEED: In relation to measuring business demands, speed is fundamental in service delivery and in meeting existing and present needs of customers