I am interested in studying abroad but wish to know available programs?

Programs are available in variety of contexts ranging from Diploma, Certificate, Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, PGD, Master’s degree, PHD etc.

Is there age restriction, or can I regardless of my age enroll to any program?

No, there is age limitation. If you are applying for an undergraduate program, you will have to fall within age bracket of 16-30 years. Post – Graduate applicants are expected to fall within age bracket of 30-40 years.

I have graduated from high school or university for more than five years, can I still be considered for admission?

Well, it depends. If you have graduated from high school/university for more than five years, you may need to explain what you have been doing since your graduation; and this must be accompanied with evidences such as letter of employment (that is if you have been working) or institutions you have attended over the years. Applicant whose year of graduation from high school or university is not more than 2-5 years from the date of application is encouraged to apply without any hindrance or provision of additional documents.

When do I apply?

Application is ongoing for 2022/2023 admissions. You can start your enrollment process now for winter, summer and fall intakes.

I intend applying for an undergraduate program, do I have to undertake an entrance examination i.e Jamb, Sat,Toefl, Ielts,

Admission is granted directly. You only need to apply for admission with either Waec or Neco only, together with the data page copy of your international passport.

I wish to apply for Post-graduate program; do I have to undertake entrance examinations such as Toefl, Ielts, Gmat, Gre?

No admission is granted directly. You only need to provide your Weac /Neco. Copy of your degree certificate, academic transcripts, together with the data page copy of your international passport.

I would have chosen to study outside the shores of the country, but I am afraid of costs associated to schooling abroad.

It is not as expensive as you think it is to run university studies overseas. It is relatively affordable. For instance in Russia, tuition fee is as low as $1,500-$3000 per year with quality assurance and world-class training standards. Consideration is given to applicant who cannot afford to pay tuition once, to pay in about two installments. Applicant can choose to pay before departure or upon arrival or depending on school’s requirement.

Are there opportunities to engage in part-time job while studying?

Sure, international students are allowed to work while studying. However permission to work on campus or off campus is granted usually after 6 months or a year of studies, depending on students’ academic performances. Student can work an average of 20-hours per week. Jobs are available on  and off campus. This job prospect is applicable to Canadian schools only.

How do I apply for my visa?

Visa application is submitted to relevant embassies. Visa application is considered only when admission is officially granted to students.

At  Flyborder, we offer second-to-none visa consultation/supports to ensure visa application turns out successful! To apply for visa, applicant must have to demonstrate that he has sufficient means of subsistence. Applicant will have to provide supporting documents joined with admission/acceptance letter issued by accredited university of concerned country to apply for a visa.

I have been granted visa, what are the next steps to take?

At this junction, it is important to start making an arrangement for the purchase of your flight ticket.

What is the cost implication for flight to my country of destination?

It depends. Airline flight ticket is subject to numerous factors such as dates of travel, airline and exchange rates. In other words, ticket price is subject to availability. By determining your departure, return dates and airline preference well in advance, will provide not only an avenue to get accurate airfares, but also cost- effective flight deals. You can contact our flight reservation, booking and ticketing department for further information.

I have purchased my flight ticket, but when flight arrives final country of destination, I have no relatives, friends or family member that will  take care of my airport pick up, I am therefore nervous.

You don’t have to be anxious . A representative will be sent by the school to the airport awaiting your arrival. Upon your arrival, he will welcome and receive you and thereafter take you to the school’s international office where you will register and commence class leaps and bounds.


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