Flyborder Education Launches New Website

Flyborder has  launched  best-in-class website, aimed at providing up-to-date information regarding application  procedures to leading universities in Canada and Russia. Admission requirements and processes, courses, tuition fees, accommodation, visa, scholarships updates of respective countries, will from time to time be made available on this website.

The website is created primarily to reach out to many Nigerian, West African, Asian students who aspire to study outside the shores of their countries but lack necessary information and knowledge to turn their aspiration into reality.

It is equally created for those who desire university education abroad but who think it is expensive, and that admission and visa processes are complicated.
Your regular visit to this website will promote your perspective about schooling abroad. It will broaden your understanding that, it is relatively cheap and very much affordable to study overseas.

Cost is almost the same with the cost of schooling at our local public and private universities. Admission and visa processes are very easy. Admission is granted directly without undertaking any entrance examination such as Jamb, Post-Jamb, SAT, Toefl, IELTS, GRE GMAT etc.
However, our admission and visa team are deeply committed to guide you in the selection of appropriate study options in order to facilitate your admission and expedite your study visa process.

This website promises to be informative and up-to-date, free from all manners of scam activities and postings, easy to navigate, compatible with all browsers and user-friendly to all and sundry.

For further enquiries, contact: 20/22 Onadeko Street, Anjorin Lawanson Surulere, and Lagos.

Tel: +2347039386136 +2348085077040


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