Path Way Program Canada

It looks like Canada is becoming most preferred study destination. There are parents whose desires are to see their children gaining admission to high-ranked universities in Canada, UK, US, Australia. This is really an excellent ambition.

However, gaining admission to leading universities in Canada, US, UK is daunting. Pathway or preparatory program is tailored to facilitate entry to not just low-ranked universities but high-universities in any of those countries mentioned above.

The program helps international students become familiar with Canadian higher education system, equips them with vast knowledge and skill-sets fundamental to success at university and life generally.

Moreso, the program targets student’s academic potential and helps develop academic career goals and ambition to be high achievers.


Program Duration

The pathway program lasts between 10-12 months. Graduates are awarded with OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) which is core requirement for entry to University of Waterloo, Carleton University, University of Alberta, University of Ottawa, York University, University of Toronto and other universities in the world.


Entry Session

We admit three (3) times in a year, every April, August and December


Enrollment Process

Flyborder believes in young talented people, they are future leaders. This is why we considered official cooperation with Fieldstone College Ontario, Southern Ontario Collegiate, FHInternational School to simplify and facilitate acceptance to high-profile universities in Canada, US, and other universities in the world through pathway or preparatory program offered by our partner institutions.


To Gain Acceptance To Pathway, Provide:

  • Complete application form
  • Copy of International Passport
  • Receive letter of acceptance
  • Submit application to Canadian Consulate for study visa

Program is open to SS1 – SS2 Students with age bracket (15-18) years. Contact us today for more info



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