The United States of America is popularly regarded as the United States is a federal republic comprises 50 states. United States is dominated by Christian majority. With its capital settled in Washington D.C.

US constitute five self-governing territories, a federal district and numerous possessions. It has over 325 million people and ranked fourth largest country by total area and the third most populous country after china and India.

The largest state by population is New York City. Us is classified 17 world’s mega diverse counties owing to it extremely diverse geography, climate and wild life.

The United States is the founding member of the international monetary fund, United Nations, World Bank and Organisation of American state.

It’s highly developed with world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and secondary largest economy by PPP.

Higher education in the United States is also referred to as post-secondary education. Outstanding research and massive funding have formed the basis for which American universities are classified among world’s most prestigious universities, making them attractive to international students, researchers and professors in the pursuit of quality and academic excellence.

According to statistics in 2008, there are 4726 degree awarding universities in the US which accounts for 22.4 million people comprising students, staffs and faculty.

Higher education has brought about the establishment of accreditation bodies, independent of the government to evaluate the quality of competing degree. The accreditation bodies’ rate universities on criteria such as the quality of libraries, academic quality, financial solvency degree which faculties holds and publishing records of faculties.

US education is unique in the world to place story emphases on liberal arts education in its higher education curriculum.

American universities are highly decentralized. Public universities are managed by the individual states and territories the federal government does not directly regulate universities.

Higher institutions in US offer scholarships, student loan or grants to supplement student’s tuition cost. Several states offers scholarship program that allows student to undertake tertiary education lower costs. Some of these scholarship programs include

– Hope scholarship in Georgia,

– Bright Future scholarship program in Florida etc.

US Universities run 3 intakes in a year:


Interested students are encouraged to start enrollment procedures 6-8 months prior their intending semesters. Furthermore, it is important you start your application process earlier to avoid unnecessary delay over your admission process

Tuition fees are subject to change without prior notice. As a result, we cannot accurately predict cost of tuition; but on average, the range is usually from $8,000- $30,000 USD depending on your proposed course of study and state in which you wish to study.

There are numerous extra-curriculum activities you can engage in, out of which you can earn enough to offset the cost of your university education and other miscellaneous expenses each year. There are loans, grants and scholarship programs aimed at supporting you financially.

In order to completely benefit the university experience, hostel or campus accommodation is highly recommended. Students enjoy powerful structured university hostel located in serene and sophisticated environments.
Rooms comprise toilet, bathroom, kitchen, gym and sport facilities, internet access and other infrastructures.

Estimated cost of accommodation ranges from $3000-$8000 per year depending on students’ preferences and other factors. Please note that all fees are subject to change without notice!

If you are planning accommodation within the university campus, it becomes essential you notify us well in advance, allowing us to make adequate arrangement with the school for a better room.

US university education is known for unique quality compared to institution of higher learning in the, UK and Australia and New Zealand etc.

Programs are available in variety of contexts ranging from Diploma, Certificate, Vocational training, Associate degree, Bachelor’s Degree, PGD, Master’s Degree PHD etc.

Admissions are open to students from all parts of the world irrespective of race, religion, background, language and cultural differences.
Admission is officially granted to an international applicant s without undertaking any entrance examination.

Besides, students are admitted on the basis of their courses of intent. For instance, a student that applies for Computer Science is admitted to study Computer Science, Economics student is admitted to study Economics, Mechanical Engineering student is admitted to study Mechanical Engineering etc.

To be considered for admission, only the following are required:

  • Waec /Neco result consisting at least five credits including Mathematics and English
  • Secondary school leaving transcripts.
  • Data page of international passport
  • Application fee
  • Waec Scratch Card
  • Bank statement of last 6 months
  • Copy of degree certificate
  • Degree  transcripts
  • Data page of international passport
  • Resume/CV
  • Bank statement of last 6 months

Before applying to US Embassy for study visa, applicant must have been officially granted an admission with a letter denoting that he is being admitted to run a full-time degree course of study by a university recognized by accrediting organizations of US. An official acceptance letter, Certificate of eligibility (1-20) accompanied with educational credentials and other supporting documents such as bank statements have to be provided before US Embassy in order to be considered for study visa.

Applicant must demonstrate sufficient means of subsistence showing his ability to foot every cost associated with his studies during his entire period of stay in the United State

Visa processing time takes up to some weeks. At first, embassy issues 2 years multiple entry visa . The two years visa can however be renewed upon expiration.

International students enjoy off campus or on campus employment opportunities. This is another platform from which students earn income to satisfy ends meets. Students is permitted to work up to 20 hours in a week during academic sessions, and up to 40 hours during academic breaks.

Contact us right away if you have further inquiries.

As part of efforts by US Government and Universities to assist international students, especially those from warn-torn or impoverished nations in funding their education; a considerable number of scholarship programs are awarded every year. Scholarships are granted on the basis of outstanding performances.
Students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievements stand huge chances of earning some of these scholarship awards, thereby leaving them with funds, sometimes sufficient to support their education.

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