Another Cooperation Agreement is established with new Institution

Flyborder signs cooperation agreement with Ukhta State Technical University. Over the years, Flyborder has been co –working and representing USTU in Nigeria.

However, formal collaboration was recently set up between both parties.


Ukhta State Technical University is one of the largest multidisciplinary technical universities in the European North of Russia. The university has a unique educational, innovative and scientific advantage, and more than 150 laboratories for scientific research. The city Ukhta is the birthplace of the first Russian oil and as a result of that, it has been contributing a lot in the generation of income for the country. One of the distinctive features of USTU is its active work with strategic partners of higher educational institutions in the oil and gas industry, including Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft and many other multinational companies. We cooperate with leading oil and gas universities in Russia and internationally as well.

Our university is currently enrolling over 500 international students from about 30 different countries. These students participate actively in various university activities, which contributes massively in the Improvement of their Russian language skills. Apart from studies, Ukhta State Technical University provides opportunities for international students to undergo internship programs in the university. On the other hand, our university has developed a system allowing students from foreign countries to undergo exchange programs through international organizations such as the Barents Plus, North2North etc. With the aim of providing quality higher education for students, Ukhta State Technical University from time to time invites lecturers and specialists from the USA to teach in the university through the Fulbright program etc.

The preparatory department of our university offers a preparatory course of intensive study of Russian and as well as mathematics, physics and computer science. The preparatory course for international students starts on 1st September and ends on 1st July. At the end of the academic year, students take a final exam and receive a certificate with their results, which allows them to continue their studies in any degree program (Bachelor or Master) at USTU. The students will have the opportunity to increase their proficiency level in the language by studying a preparatory course. USTU offers the Russian language taught programs in oil and gas engineering, ecology and management of natural resources, architecture, construction, economics, management, etc.

Ukhta State Technical University provides high quality education at a low cost compared to other universities in Europe. The tuition fees per year ranges from about 1200 USD to 2000 USD. Considering the low cost of living in Russia, accommodation fees, transportation and living expenses also cost less. The accommodation fees costs about 18 USD per month. The living expenses differs from every student, but averagely, students spend about 100-150 USD per month including transport. Bus tickets in the city costs about 0.30 USD.


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