Uk has long sustained an outstanding reputation for delivering the best quality education to both local and international students.

In the world’s best universities ranking, UK universities consistently rank among Top 10 universities in the world. Uk universities among others form a magnet that attracts students from all continents.

In the global work-force, graduates from UK universities gain competitive advantages on the account that credentials or certificates awarded are substantially valued by multinational companies in any country of the world. The UK is indeed an excellent study destination.


High-quality education, they say, is the path to illumination. Decision to study in the UK is really a worthwhile one. You will not only benefit hands-on-lessons, but also enjoy world best education standards that stretches you beyond limits. The value you will derive exceeds the amount paid to cover tuition and other expenses incurred on yearly basis. In other words, you get more than what you paid for. You will gain in-depth knowledge that helps you to maximize your potential and, turn out to become a creative thinker and outstanding solution driver in your field of specialization.

UK is one of the top study abroad destinations. It attracts students from different parts of the world. This is excellent opportunity for you to connect and network with like-minded students from other countries. Following this, you will get to know and learn new languages, cultures and traditions. Getting to meet, interact and socialize with students from other parts of the world is a really fun and exciting experience.

The English language is exclusively the official language of communication in the UK. Institutions, right from elementary to tertiary deliver instructions in English. If you are from non-English speaking countries such as France, Benin Republic, Togo, Ivory-coast, China, Russia, Spain, Senegal, you will learn and develop high degree of proficiency in speaking and writing of English language through pre-university or path-way program offered by most institutions of higher learning in the UK.

International students are allowed to work 20 hours in a week during school’s period and 40 hours or perhaps full-time while school is on vacation.

After your graduation from a university in the UK, you are awarded a credential that is globally recognized and acceptable. Because of global recognition the UK degree has attained, you are qualified to seek employment anywhere in the world. A UK degree certificate or diploma certificate is equivalent to ones obtained from the United State and Australia.

Are you interested in studying in the UK? See below admissions criteria and information on how to become full-time student at any universities in the UK.

Bachelor’s Degree

  1. Secondary or High School Diploma, (Waec/ Neco or Gce results).
  2. High School Transcripts
  3. Data Page of International Passport
  4. Waec or Neco Scratch Card
  5. Statement of Purpose/ Personal Statement

Master’s Degree

  1. Bachelor Degree Certificate
  2. Bachelor Degree Transcript
  3. Data Page of International Passport
  4. Reference Letter, academic references preferably
  5. Statement of Purpose/ Personal Statement
  6. Medium of Instruction Letter ( a letter Issued by your school which states that instructions throughout the study period were delivered in English).

The admission process will take precedence as soon as above requirements are met.


Most universities in the UK admit international students twice in a year.

Below are applicable intakes:

  1. January
  2. September

We strongly advise students to consider starting the application process 4-6 months prior to the start of their intending intakes.

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