Obtaining study visa has always posed a threat to many Nigerian students aiming to study outside the shores of their country.

We attend to countless cases of Visa application denial of students who attempted to process study visa application without consultation from experts.

Applicants without extensive experience about documentation and how the procedure works may suffer visa denial. Visa process is like a dish, if you lack essential knowledge about applicable recipe, it becomes difficult to prepare the right dish.

Therefore, in order to avoid refusal of study visa application, we suggest you work with an agency.

Which agency will you turn to for help? The answer to this question is “FLYBORDER”.

We have assisted innumerable number of students to secure visas in order to pursue studies in U.S, Canada and Russia.

We work to keep pace with visa application/approval trends. We have long been identified with appreciable qualities such as speed, integrity and result driven. With these qualities, there is absolute security and safety in your dealings with us.

Are you on a look out for a reliable agency to work with? Look no further; Turn to FLYBORDER.


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