Flyborder Partners with Southern Ontario Collegiate, Canada

It was a memorable event, 26 of September, 2019, at the prestigious Eko Hotel and Suites for the fast-growing Flyborder Ventures when a team of representatives from the Southern Ontario Collegiate met with CEO, Flyborder and his working team to discuss in concrete terms how Nigerian students who gained admission into Canadian University can get to cope with the prevailing educational standards.

Acknowledging the lucid FACT THAT MANY Nigerian students are faced with the Topsy-turvy of commensurating with the high standard of education in the Canadian Universities they are admitted, Mr. John Gbolagade bemoaned the struggling plight of Nigerian students to the poor system of education in Nigeria ‘’ most secondary schools in Nigeria are not in time with what today’s education entails’’. He said it’s quite unfortunate that studious Nigerian students admitted in the various Canadian Universities find it difficult to cope.’’

Alison Currie , Vice Principal of the representing team from the Southern Ontario Collegiate agreed with what the CEO earlier asserted. ‘’It’s a ‘sorry’ situation that hardworking Nigerian students find it difficult to cope in our Universities, here in Canada. Mr John has just it all ‘studious Nigerian students find it difficult to cope.’’

To effect the needed change, that is, to ensure the improvement or upgrade of educational standard for the betterment of Nigerian students seeking admission into various Canadian universities, a cooperation agreement was signed between Flyborder ventures and Southern Ontario Collegiate. ‘’This will help improve the standard of education’’. Alison Currie assured in confidence ‘’It will certainly bring about a correspondence in diligence and success in their academic


The signed agreement was witnessed by both parties who showcased it in front of the camera taking pictures and exchanging pleasantries, just as they did before the discussion began.

‘’Education has taken a heap into the light’’ Mr. John Gbolagade remarked, grinning ‘’Nigerian students can now earn the success they deserve as they cope with the challenging standard of Canadian tertiary education through this cooperation agreement’’.



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