Flyborder’s visit to Russia

…”Travel and see. Education could take that that form” Anonymous

This is an experience that have witnessed as one of the most memorable events in my life’s journeys. Indeed, I agree with saying ‘’experience is the best teacher’’.By the way, I go by the names Mr. Tunde Gbolagade, CEO Flyborder ventures: an education-based agency aimed at improving the dissemination of knowledge at tertiary levels-locally and internationally. Russia has been Flyborder’s look-forward-to-see educational site.

Fortunately, it came to pass! Starting off, I have over the years as a professional in educational consultancy in terms of admitting students from Nigeria to overseas for the furtherance of education at tertiary levels, been dealing with some Universities in Russia. What I realised was how conducive the learning atmosphere is, socially friendly the people are to internationals, especially to Nigerians and diverse the cultural settings area. I was overwhelmed by the fact that Russian Universities are cheaper, when it comes to tuition and accommodation fees than that of the Universities in the UK and America.

The testimonies of my students admitted into the schools would attest to those. See the website www.flyborder.comThe 9-days trip to Russia was an epitome of social, cultural and educational hocus-pocus to me. I got to meet some Russian persons: familiarized with them. It was fascinating that they could speak English. I witnessed various cultural disciplines reflecting the peculiarity of migrant communities in Russia. I visited some places: bars, pubs and other social hangouts. They are ‘’must –see’’ places. I think you should visit Russia to see things for yourself!To the main agenda, I landed on August visitation to the renowned North Artic Federal University.

By the way, it is interesting to note that I left Nigeria for Russia in the month of August 2019! The Northern Artic Federal University is one of the ten Federal Universities recognized throughout the Russian federation. I was owed to see for myself what up-to-date learning and academic dynamic are about. The central library is a top-notch academic hub where books, research materials and relevant intellectual properties are made accessible for students. The spacious edifice has the capacity to accommodate a 24-7 learning atmosphere. The admirable structural background of this library (from the interior and exterior perspectives) made me usher out words of gratification extoling the aesthetics and learning conditions of the university- using the central library as point of contact. Situated in Arkhangelsk , the site is one unique topographical scale which connects learning with the case of nature.

Then, I met with the school’s international corresponding and discussed in practical terms a partnership agreement between Flyborder and North Artic Federal University. After much deliberations and evaluation of my academic (educational) antecedents in relation to foreign affiliations, a cooperation agreement was signed. Flyborder can now admit students into this revered federal university. It was a dream-come-true ordeal for me. I then visited the lecture places, student union block, some hostels and other academic centers. I was amazed the more! ‘’such a truly conducive learning place it is’’, I said to myself convincingly.Earlier, I did mention I visited some places. Before my departure to Russia, I have heard people talk about the uniqueness of Russian cities like Moscow St Peters burg and Arkhangelsk I touched based at Moscow.

The organized train system is one interest that fully caught my attention. The sub-way train station, connecting one place to the other, alongside the underground passage train system, I used in visiting some towns and cities. Moscow is such a great place the road networks are motor able. The dual road ways, the traffic highlight and well- organized master piece road maps as shown in the GPS was a proof that my visit was smooth ride. The hotel I lodged was a one-in-a-million resort.

I was treated in the best hospitable manner I have ever witnessed, all through my years of traveling. Oops! I almost forgot to narrate my St.Peterburg ordeal! Please forgive me! Though I visited Moscow, Russia’s capital and explored some places (including an African Cuisine owned by a Nigerian) and Arkhangelsk for affiliation with the North Artic Federal University. (They offer English-taught courses) St. Peters burg was eye-catching. The greatness of the city knows no equal. Agreed, I have read a few things about the place. But it couldn’t measure up with the unfathomable legacy monument and that the genius himself, the very tall Peter the great, built.

I was marveled at site of the city. From the seashore, all the way to the land, woods were lost as to describing how unusually beautiful the city is. However they say ‘’A picture is worth over a thousand words’’ that see pictures for yourself!Though it was a short-lived nine-day period of stay in Russia, I did accomplish purpose, relationship and outside-the-box learning. No wonder traveling is a part of education. As you fly across every border, endeavor to educate yourself. Make it a date with Flyborder!

Because….it is education across all borders.


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