Every year, large number of students sit for Jamb and post UTME in an attempt to acquire university education. Majority of these students pass Jamb but very few of them would eventually be offered admission after writing post UTME. The reason for this is not because of poor preparation on the part of these students but is related to limited number of slots available at various institutions of higher learning in Nigeria. These students would eventually end up wasting years at home. Meanwhile time is the currency of this 21st century, and therefore university education should be acquired at the early stage of one’s life, preferably between the ages of 18-22years.

How do you save yourself from writing Jamb year after year in your efforts to go to university?

How do you acquire education at a young age? With regard to these questions, we have come to suggest an alternative.

Discovery has shown that the quality of the information you get determines the quality of your decision, which in turn influences the quality of your life. So get excited as we are here to share with you information that would change the direction of your decision.

What we found is that: many people aspire to study outside the shores of Nigeria, especially in Europe or America, but have not yet decided because they think cost of education is exorbitant and admission process is complicated. This article  is aimed at bringing to your awareness, countless Universities that offer admissions without any form of entrance examination, no Jamb, IELTS, SAT or TOEFL is required. Admission process is very simple, your WAEC certificate, school leaving transcripts, copy of your international passport and a WAEC scratch card are all you need to provide to secure admission into any of our bachelor programs. There is also a broad spectrum of courses, ranging from Law to Medicine, and Engineering. Etc.

For those who feel cost of education is too expensive, Russian Federation being one of the fastest growing economies, absorbing diverse characteristics and becoming tolerant country is the best fit for you. There are numerous universities in Russia offering tuition ranging from $1,200 – $2,000 annually.  Admission process is relatively easy. Your WAEC or GCE certificate and a copy of your international passport are to be presented for admission into any of our bachelor programs

We hope this piece of information has undoubtedly changed your perception, admitting that cost of education is very low and affordable, and that there is no complication in the admission process.

Because you have now come to the knowledge of this remarkable opportunity, make a decision today to explore new options. Apply to universities In Europe and Canada, where provision of your WAEC certificate and international passport are the only requirements for admissions and in turn,  save yourself the time of writing Jamb year after year by considering beginning your application process today

The big questions are: how and when do I initiate my admission process? What do I need to provide to obtain my study permit or study visa at Canadian or Russian embassies? These questions are best answered by ”FLYBORDER”. Flyborder is a top- notch education agency that has accumulated immense experiences offering professional support to students to facilitate admission and visa application for the pursuit of higher education in Canada and Russia.

So are you considering applying for university studies In Canada and Russia? The truth of the matter is that you need to hire an agency because visa process may be  daunting. To fast track and ensure that visa application turns out successfully, hiring an agent is not optional and really has to be a reliable and result driven agency.

So the big question u need to ask yourself is; which agency do I turn to for help? The best answer  to this question is Flyborder.

Fly border has proven track records of success rates in securing admission and  obtaining study visa for its students to travel abroad for the pursuit of university education. We have long been identified with appreciable attributes such as honesty, integrity, speed, excellence, transparency and of course result oriented. With these qualities there is absolute  security and safety in your dealings with us for studies in Canada and other countries we represent.

Are you willing to start your application now and you are in a lookout for an agency? Look no further, visit flyborder today for advisory services, guidance and mentorship. Visit our website www.flyborder.com or send us an email at inquiries@flyborder.com .


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