Owing to the indispensable value of education, individuals with dogged determination to impact society and make significant contribution to the development of any nation are driven by this consciousness and strive to acquire education, even to PHD level.

This suggests the large number of candidates who enroll for JAMB, year after year, in their attempts to have university education.
The truth, however,is that higher education needs to be acquired early in their youngest years (preferably between the ages of 18-22 years).

In our efforts to ascertain why many candidates struggle to gain admission into various institution of higher learning in Nigeria, that is, make several attempts before securing admission, we realized that their many years at home is not because of poor preparation or not being brilliant, but due to limited number of slots available at Nigerian universities. This challenge has existed for a very long period.

Through a variety of impeccable sources, many parents have discovered that there are countless higher institutions in Ghana and other West African countries that grant admission directly to students with no set of entrance examinations. This discovery has fostered increasing number of parents keen about overseas education; and beginning to turn to Canadian and Russian Universities in an attempt to save their children many years of “wait-at-home syndrome’’.

There are also vast numbers of parents who are aiming to send their children abroad for studies but who thought cost is somewhat a discouragement to them! Yet, some have now come to the knowledge of numerous institutions in Europe offering tuition fees, ranging from $1,200-$2,000 annually. All these factors have contributed to increasing demand for overseas education.

Ultimately, our youths are undoubtedly the leaders of tomorrow. They are the ones upon whom the future of our country depends. This explains why we support the aspirations and interests of many Nigerian students who are now considering pursuing their education overseas; in the same token, we encourage all Nigerian students to return home after the completion of their studies, channeling acquired knowledge, skills and technologies towards nation building.

Planning to go to Canada for quality university education, arrange face-to-face meeting with one of our counselors for mentorship and guidance.



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