EDUCATION: Key tool for national development

Education is vividly defined as a process of teaching, training and learning especially in schools or colleges to improve knowledge and develop skills.
Education in similar vein is summarized as follows:

  • Education is exposure.
  • Education is a path to illumination.
  • Education is an integral part of learning.
  • Education is Life.
  • Education is pride.
  • Education is the acquisition of ingredient necessary for sustainable development.

Educated individual is liberated from ignorance, negative influences and poverty. Success is predictable in a society where priority is ascribed to education. Education is a fuel that drives prosperity train of every nation. The degree to which the world is rapidly growing is aided by education. This underscores why education is undoubtedly an unending legacy anyone can leave.
Ultimately, when pursuing education especially at post-secondary level, quality is a distinctive factor that must not be negotiated. Education that is quality in standards set to unleash individual’s skills and potentials to thrive in every undertaken.
Prosperous nations are sensitive to unique value of quality education; as a result, heavy investment is made to deliver highest quality education to citizenry. With quality education, individual is armed with relevant skills and knowledge to solve problems, climb ladder of any level of leadership and attain lofty heights of achievement.
Needless to say, Flyborder is an outstanding place of work where quality education is espoused and academic excellence is celebrated.Flyborder is dedicated to the advancement of human potentials through education overseas. We are aimed at empowering prospective and interested Nigerian students with necessary information regarding conditions for acquiring quality education in Canada and Russia.
Embrace quality education today!

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